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Adaptive in Every Aspect

As you start in the adaptive mode, the system will automatically generate easy questions. Challenge the system, advance to the next levels, and earn the full 40 stars! Every question, in any mode, counts.

Flexibility to the Extreme

You feel like practicing at your own pace? You can opt for the flexible mode. Choose the topic, study session, reading, difficulty level, question type, and number of questions

Practice has no Limits

Access more than 5,000 questions. The more you practice, the higher your chances of success.

Your Progress Tells a Lot

Access detailed diagnostic reports and comparative performance dashboards. Learn how you can improve your score along the way.

Practice on the Go

Practice anywhere on your PC, your tablet, or your mobile phone. You can save your progress on any test and proceed later.

Ask, Discuss, & Learn

Raise any technical questions in the discussion forum and engage in insightful discussions.

Pass Assurance

If you earn 20 Stars and don’t pass the real exam, we will extend your access for free. If you earn 30 Stars and don’t pass the real exam, we will REFUND you & extend your access for free

Classroom Oriented

Students of registered universities or training institutes have access to additional learning material, dedicated assignments, and tests.

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  • Full access to 1 topic
  • Access open for 15 days

Full Access

  • Covering all topics and study sessions
  • 5,000+ questions
  • Unlimited access till your exam date

For Classrooms

  • On top of the Full Access, instructors at universities/ training institutes can:
  • Assign assignments, modular exams, and tests per topic in line with the class progress
  • Track the progress of each student
  • Add supplementary material for students
  • Engage in discussions with their group of students




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